If you’re searching for the best handyman O’Fallon, then you will do no better than Rapid Repair Pro. Rapid Repair Pro has been in business since 2007 when it originally started as a remodeling company by Philip and Scott Green, a father and son duo. In 2019 they decided to expand their scope and rebranded as Rapid Repair Pro. Phil and Scott are skilled in carpentry in general repairs, licensed to do electrical, plumbing, and now also heating and AC repairs. They can take care of any and all of your home handyman needs. What really sets them apart as well as the fact that they also give you a great no-brainer, a one-dollar first service call for new clients.

When you’re searching for the best handyman O’Fallon, you’ll find anybody that can do more provides better services the craftsmanship than the guys at Rapid Repair Pro. First off as we said, they began as a remodeling service, to they have excellent carpentry skills and they can do just about any kind of general repair that would come your way. They’re also great exterior maintenance, such as on decks and patios. They can also help you with your doors and windows. Many people forget that although they are necessary and they can make your home look great, they also vital to the efficiency of your home. That’s it they can also install handrails and other things such as interior doors and trim as well. They can also help you with repairs for walls and ceilings.

When it comes to the best handyman O’Fallon, the Rapid Repair Pro beats all the competition by also being able to offer you electrical services such as repairing or installing light fixtures and ceiling fans. They can also help install convenience items such as outdoor outlets, which can be very handy year-round. They can also help you with plumbing services to help you get rid of those pesky leaks. Don’t ignore leaks, because in the long run, this is going in the cost you a lot more money. And finally, Rapid Repair Pro is now certified in heating and cooling repairs as well. Don’t sweat it out, if you get a broken air-conditioner, then call Rapid Repair Pro and I’ll get you taken care of get you cozy again.

One more thing that makes Rapid Repair Pro different from other companies is the fact that they do have a set of values that they operate by. The four things that they consider whenever they do any sort of job and what guides their business principles are the facets of community, accountability, respect, and excellence. These four values are what guide their hands and everything they do. You’ll find a lot of other small businesses that are going to make sure that they have an underlying principle everything they do.

If you feel like Rapid Repair Pro can help you the give us a call (800) 741-6056, or visit us on our website at rapidrepairpro.com, you get your first service call scheduled for just one dollar. We’re standing by and we can’t wait to help you in O’Fallon, or the surrounding nine communities as well.. Give us a call today.

Best Handyman O’fallon | What Are The Core Values Of Rapid Repair Pro?

If you’re looking for the best handyman O’Fallon, then when she gets to Rapid Repair Pro, then you can bring your search to an end because Rapid Repair Pro is objectively the best handyman service in the entire area. There fast efficient and trustworthy, but the values that Philip and Scott Green have based their business on are the attributes or principles of community, accountability, respect, and excellence. These are the four values that underpin everything that Rapid Repair Pro is based on.

Rapid Repair Pro is the best handyman O’Fallon, partly because they have centered their business around the port values they consider essential and dear to themselves. The first one that they live by his community. Community is very important to the guys Rapid Repair Pro, and that’s a large part a result of the fact that they have over 45 years of combined experience helping the community. This father and son duo have been doing carpentry and repair work for a long time, and they have worked with this community for years. They have a service community for years, they have done so with excellent customer service because they love their community and they value it. They don’t work for themselves, they want to actively help their community and the people that make up the fabric of where they live.

The second value that makes them the best handyman O’Fallon, is the principle of accountability. They know that running a business isn’t always easy, but nothing will get done if you don’t hold people accountable, make sure that things get done. They hold them accountable to standards that they have set a high bar for. They don’t just do this for their employees, they are done well for themselves with Rapid Repair Pro because they hold themselves accountable. Without accountability, then there are never results. Films call themselves to a high degree of accountability, and therefore everything within Rapid Repair Pro falls into place.

The final two values that the Rapid Repair Pro guys take a hard our respect, and excellence. Respect goes hand-in-hand with its community value. They respect everyone, I and that shows in their service. It takes mutual respect to have a good working relationship, and Rapid Repair Pro is always going to be taking respect seriously in every aspect of they do. Whether it’s a personal interaction with their customers, or whether is respect towards work that they are doing for you and on your home. Also, they really value excellence. They hold themselves to a high standard and only expect excellence from their cells, but also excellence in the work at all their employees do as well.

If you feel like Rapid Repair Pro can help you with any of your repairs around your home Weatherby carpentry, electrical, plumbing work, or even heating and AC repairs, then you can give them a call today at (800) 741-6056. You can also visit them on their website at rapidrepairpro.com, and find out more about the company and submit it from the homepage for your one dollar first service call.

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