If you’ve been trying to find best handyman O’Fallon, then you likely heard about Rapid Repair Pro. But do you know how Rapid Repair Pro started? Philip Green started remodeling service in 2007 called green remodeling which offered kitchen and bathroom novation, room additions, in general, remodeling services. When the recession of 2008 head things slow down and they needed to change a few things. PHil earned a license in Illinois as a radon mitigator in 2009 so they can expand the scope of their service offerings. With the HVAC training, they started doing indoor quality services as well. Then his son Scott joined as a partner in 2012 and ran the remodeling division while Phil ran the air-quality division. Then in 2015, they bought in Advanta clean franchise and things began to take off.

Then when people needed to find best handyman O’Fallon in 2019 they rebranded green remodeling as Rapid Repair Pro. They had a new vision, and they expanded their scope in some areas, and focused another’s and turn it into a handyman service there was different than 99% of what most people are used to working with. They wanted to build a new handyman company that was professional, clean, reliable, and very good at what they did. They had the ultimate goal of creating a handyman service system that can be repeated nationwide.

Now when you try to find best handyman O’Fallon, Rapid Repair Pro comes up for the entire O’Fallon and Metro East area of Illinois. As the premier handyman service in the area, they now offer a wide range of services for all of your home repair needs such as carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and heating and air services. They can do most carpentry in general repair services which would include but aren’t limited to: exterior maintenance, windows and doors, walls and ceilings, and interior doors and trim.

They can also help you with pesky problems such as electrical and plumbing services. If you get a leak, Rapid Repair Pro to come out and get that taken care of you before turns into a costly water damage bill. They also do electrical services and repairs, such as light fixtures and ceiling fans, and installing smart home systems for you.

As the icing on the cake, Rapid Repair Pro offers several incentives that also set them apart from their competition. First of all they do offer a one-year warranty on all of their workmanship. That means they believe in the work that they do in standby at. They also offer the best no-brainer offer for any first-time customers. If it is your first time for a service call from Rapid Repair Pro, it will only cost you one dollar. That’s true steel. If you feel like Rapid Repair Pro is the right choice for you, for any of your home repair needs, the give us a call at (800) 741-6056, what is visit our website at rapidrepairpro.com, and check out more about us as a company, and the services that we offer, reading in touch with us. If your first-time customer doesn’t forget to fill out the one dollar for service call form on the homepage.

Find Best Handyman O’Fallon | what you get with Rapid Repair Pro versus other handyman services in the Metro East area.

If you’ve been out about trying to find best handyman O’Fallon, then you may have Artie realized that Rapid Repair Pro is easily the best handyman and repair service available. While you can see that objectively if you do a quick Google search, that Rapid Repair Pro Metro East favorite handyman company, you may want to know why. There are a few different reasons for this. First of all, the founders of Rapid Repair Pro want to make sure that there was a handyman service available that was professional. Second of all, Rapid Repair Pro offers a couple of other incentives that most other handyman and repair companies just don’t.

For the top reasons you may find best handyman O’Fallon and Rapid Repair Pro is the fact that they are the most professional. The method finds we’re trying to call a small independent company that does handyman repairs and service requests, they may often be hard to get a hold of. You call them, they often don’t call you back or don’t even show up. And when they do we get a scary-looking incompetent person. Many people experience this and this is where Rapid Repair Pro set themselves apart. With Rapid Repair Pro you can always expect to have your calls answered and shop looking professional, and with actual knowledge and skill. We also value customer service, and we will always show up on time and we train our people very well from the best.

Since you have been to find best handyman O’Fallon, and decide that Rapid Repair Pro is the best handyman service, you may also realize that we offer a few incentives that most of the competition just never will. First of all Rapid Repair Pro’s and offer you a one year warranty on all their workmanship. That means we standby all the work that we do, and if for some reason we should have to come back out and revisit and reassess some of our work, then the subsequent visit or visit us will always be free of charge.

Another reason that Rapid Repair Pro is set apart, and another reason people love us, as we offer a no-brainer to all of our first-time customers. Rapid Repair Pro is the home of the one-dollar first service call. That’s right if you are a first time client, we come to your home for a job for the first time, it will only cost you one dollar. It doesn’t get much cheaper than that. Were proud to offer you this, I would hope that you reach out to assume for your first repair with us.

If you feel like you’re ready to reach out to us, then you can always call us at (800) 741-6056. You can call or text us, or if you prefer you can use the Internet. You can always go online and visit us on our website at rapidrepairpro.com, to learn a little bit more about us, find pricing and service details, and you in contact us to theirs. You can also fill out the form on our homepage for your one dollar first service call. We look for to hearing from you is servicing any of your home repair needs.