Whenever you need an O’Fallon Handyman, the make she get touch with Rapid Repair Pro. Here Rapid Repair Pro handyman service in the entire Metro East area today. One of the main reasons the fact we have over 45 years of experience helping others. As a company the started in 2007, we first started out as a company that provided remodeling services for kitchens and bathrooms. After the recession, we put it in the HVAC services, and then after we decided to add radon mitigation to our repertoire years later, in early 2019 we decided go full out in handyman services so that we can utilize all the experience we had has remodelers, as HVAC repair maintenance and just provide all the skills that we had to an overall handyman service. Together as a family owned and operated company we have over 45 years of experience in the others in different various professions and skill sets.

We can build to bring all that under one banner here Rapid Repair Pro whenever you need a O’Fallon Handyman. We can help you need repairs you need around your home, and we also have realtor services available to. If you like to meet and discuss how we can help you close more deals with less problems by providing the kind of work that you need on the homes you’re trying to buy or sell, the make she get touch with us anytime set that up as well. When it comes the repairs that we can provide to anybody throughout the Metro East area or St. Louis, we can help you with just about anything.

So whenever you want a real O’Fallon Handyman, call us because we can help you with general repairs and carpentry that would include things like exterior maintenance, windows and doors, handrails, walls and ceilings and interior doors and trim. When it comes to electrical we can help you install or troubleshoot smart home systems, we can do light fixtures ceilings, we can help you with safety convenience items as well. The plumbing side of things we can also be take care of general repairs such a stubborn drains, or updating fixtures like replacing the kitchen sink.

We at all of our experience together that means we have not just fantastic skills, great certifications but also a deep well of experience to draw from in many different fields and all the people that we hire are high-quality people hired for character for skill and complete record and service to take advantage of everything that we had offer here to get touch with us.

If you like to see we can do on your home, that are hesitate to get touch with us a call us anytime for any kind of repairs or service at 800-741-6056 and get our website first to check out more details about who we are what working to build to do for you to go to rapidrepairpro.com and while you’re there check out the customer testimonials.

O’fallon Handyman | We Make Home Repairs Affordable

If you live in the Metro East area or out St. Louis or particularly in O’Fallon and you’re trying to figure out which O’Fallon Handyman you should call, the literacy about what we do here Rapid Repair Pro. Here Rapid Repair Pro, working to build a provide you with the top-tier handyman service to make sure that the repairs in your home get done swiftly, and correctly and high quality with great customer service and value as a priority to you. With a company that has over 45 years of experience helping others, we are also ask the highest and most reviewed handyman in the Metro East area so if you want and affordable handyman as you with high quality results to give us call.

We are committed to providing affordable service to you as the best O’Fallon Handyman, and we do that several ways. First and foremost we want to make sure that our value is of no compare. Will make sure that results in our services so good in our prices are so affordable, then nobody can compete with the value that we provide here. We do than several ways, the first of which is that we do provide you with high quality repairs high-quality people that we hire that go rigorous training program skills and service. They are highly qualified, hire for character as well as skill, and get the results that you want and they leave, they leave you with a 12 month warranty on their products and services that they provided.

Additionally in order to make it more affordable on top of the already affordable rates in our services to make sure that we provide you some great incentives as well. So when you call us as your O’Fallon Handyman of choice, then we will be a will to provide you with a free estimate on anything. Just give us call whenever charge you for an estimate, you will gladly give this out like candy. Next, if it’s your first time with us, and we are providing you with your first service call you will get $100 off.

And then to make it even more affordable in those particular situations that crop up in life whenever is a particularly overwhelming expensive repair, we do have financing available in house to make sure that we get the repairs done for you. Make it even better we don’t ever require deposits on any of our work.

Do everything we can here at Rapid Repair Pro to ensure that we are providing you with affordable service. If you like to take advantage of what we can offer you, the know hesitate to reach out to us at any time for that free estimate by calling us at 800-741-6056. About us in our website you like a rapidrepairpro.com.